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Mutters wacht verschlossen

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Mutters Wacht Verschlossen

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Much has been written about dreaming, but deep, dreamless sleep still seems to receive little attention within cultural studies and social science. At the centre of this article is the notion of the sovereignty of sleep, which could allow both day life and dream life to be lifted out of t. Stuttgart: J. PerecS. Der Schlaf ist keine Verweigerung, kein Widerstand gegen etwas. Offenbar erzielt der Schlaf diese Leistung unter anderem dadurch, dass er uns passiviert.

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Further, the penultimate line seems to further specify what sort of men the peace being granted to: men of will, from on high. Your obedience is my life, O maiden meek and humble, God's Spirit will o'ershadow you, the Father's Word becomes flesh. To participate in the discussions on Catholic church music, in or register as a forum member, The forum is a project of the Church Music Association of America.

Because of issues like the above, the whole things seems a bit labored and too clever. Discussions Activity In. Hymnody Translation: Thauet, Himmel den Gerechten. To imitate totally the one, whose advent we await, is our deed; so says his apostle. Redeemer of the world, I'm fulfilling the word of your true servant, come into the space in my flesh as your message has announced. For salvation's drawing nearer, night is gone and day is underway! Clouds, let rain him down! Even if you are okay with male-as-normative language most here are, and clearly you areseparating out the "men of good will" mutters wacht verschlossen way you did leaves "alone" with nothing to exclude except "women.

Tightly locked was the door that lead up to the heir of Salvation.

Yet the Father, with compassion, thus to save us thought He yon: to accomplish our salvation, glome did submit the Son. Woe to Hell, whose lust hath plundered! In grounds cursed by God Satan, death and sins reigned.

Kennst du das leid… o, war dein herz denn stets verschlossen

I understand that "from on high" refers back to the source of the peace, but that is not clear from your grammar. Thanked by 2 CHGiffen aldrich. So away with all the deeds whose mother is the night. Because the salvation is nearing us all, Night is gone, the day has broken. Come and bring me peace! Not according to the desires of the flesh, Banished be quarreling and envy! Gabriel flew swiftly down, returned then with the answer: See! I am the servant of the Lord, What he has willed, I shall fulfill! It is only granted to humans, who are of good will.

Such am I, divine child, so come! Lord and Saviour, shall come He! Summons hear I loudly booming, rise now, brethren, ye awake! Similarly some of the other grammatical reversals and "vintage" language: "fare and drink from them fast we", "thus to save us thought he yon", "dust so powdered. O dann fort mit allen Thaten, Die die Nacht zur Mutters wacht verschlossen hatten!

Come and bring me peace so wanted which alone to men is granted, men of good will, from on high: Godly Child, come, such am I! Critique away. It sounds like not only do you have to be a male to get peace, you also have to be of good will, and have been born on a mountain mutters wacht verschlossen something. Woe the hell mutters wacht verschlossen its loot! But: Well to Adam's children!

Redeemer of the world, I fulfil your faithful servant's advice, come in my carnal envelope, as your herald announced. Aber Adamskindern wohl! The overall effect is very weird. After not the fleshly hanker, banished rows and envy be! Heavens, now drop ye the Just One, and, ye clouds, Him rain abroad; wept the world in long nights now gone, pining as a grave so broad. So in long nights once cried the world, a wide grave! So those deeds purge from your likeness, deeds born of the night-time darkness let each soul put on with right, his new armour of the light!

Let us walk as in the daylight, Not in gluttony and drunkenness! Some of the text strikes me as working for poetry but not hymnody. Let us wander as on day, not in gluttony and drunkenness, not act according to the will of flesh, far be banned strike and envy! Your obedience is my life, O virgin humble and chaste! I was wondering if someone in the forum has substantial knowledge of German.

Let each man dress himself with weapons of the light! I heard a cry, rise from sleep, brethren! Gabriel quickly flew down, returning with the answer: Behold! Thauet, Himmel den Gerechten! Our mutters wacht verschlossen nigh is looming: night is gone, the day shall break!

On the land which God had cursed Satan, Death, and sin all reigned, For the gate was firmly closed To salvation's heritage. Menschen bethet an im Staube! Woe to Hell and its thievery! Protasius, chonak, thank you very much! I am the handmaid of the Lord, what he wants, I will do gladly! It's a weak and confusing way to conclude a hymn you don't want to leave people puzzled. But for Adam's children good, because a saviour shall come.

Here's the metered English I have. The Spirit of God will descend on you, and the Fathers word was made flesh. I am, godly child! Henceforth everybody may be armoured only with the weapons of light! Hi, everyone!

Please, please, I really need the translation for a hymnal. He is only conferred on men who are of good will. Let us as in daylight wander, fare and drink, from them fast we! The prepenultimate third from last, heh heh line strongly suggests that God's salvation is for men only.

CHGiffen September Posts: 4, I am not German, and my abilities at translation have diminished over the years, but this is a hymn that, to some extent, paraphrases the Introit "Rorate caeli desuper" for the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Humans, adore in the dust!

Drop down, ye Heavens, the Just! Come und bring me peace! Komm und bringe mir den Frieden! Adam Wood September Posts: 6, I'm impressed generally by the deftness of the language use. Away with all the doings, whose mother the night was! Dein Gehorsam ist mein Leben, Jungfrau demuthvoll und keusch! But the Father was moved, so he planned to save us, and to fulfil the plan the Son joyfully applied. The last half of the last verse needs a lot of work. Gabriel flog schnell hernieder, Kehrte mit der Antwort wieder: Sieh!

For example, "Thine obedience is my life, lo!

Adore, o men, in your dust! A Savior is to come. Menschen ist er nur beschieden, Die von gutem Willen sind, Komm! Weil ein Heiland kommen soll.

Your version places the exclusion soley on the concept of "men" which either excludes women how I took it or potentially non-humans which is probably accurate, but really weird. I will use both of your translations to write a metered English version of this Advent hymn. I had to go back and look at both the German and the two prose translations to figure out that the last line was saying, "I am such a mountain-top born man of good will, so come on down.

Dew the Just One down from Heaven, Clouds, let Him rain from above; So the world cried out in longest night, a wide abyss. I cannot guarantee, that everything is correctly translated, because I relied on google translator for some words e.

Huang [recital program]

Protasius September Posts: I am German, but I need a bit of time to find appropriate english words, since English is not my native tongue. I happen to need a translation of this hymn, be the translation metrical or not.

I hear a summons sounding, brothers, waken from your sleep! Denn es naht das Heil uns allen, Nacht ist weg, der Tag im Lauf. Yet the Father let Himself be touched and so bethink to save us, And to fulfill his resolution the Son ed in with joy.

Further, it makes the very last clause of the text about the singer, rather than about the Divine Child.