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Gelber sack bad cannstatt

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Gelber Sack Bad Cannstatt

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The trash separation schemes in Germany are legendary, and have been covered in this blog ly: Garbage in, garbage out.

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My neighborhood bakery even started making sesame bagels! They have the most beautiful and delicious pastries and desserts, and they make custom cakes if you need one for a special occasion. Yes, I know and love Ritter Sport!

We can also easily make our way to Switzerland or Austria in just a few hours. When the holiday season begins and people start buying gifts, stores will offer to wrap your gifts for free! The Markthalle is a huge indoor food market where you can find just about anything — fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese from around the world, bread, wine, sweets, and all kinds of specialty foods and delicacies. Seafood Tower at the Markthalle Oyster Bar. Tapas at Desiree.

I can also plan my route and purchase tickets from my phone VVS appwhich is super convenient. Pretzel in Munich. I also religiously follow two expat blogs: Living in Stuttgart and Room for Gelato. Thanks so much, Bianca! We take all of our glass to the neighborhood recycling bin, or we return it to the store for a refund pfand. Foodora — Every great city needs a great food delivery company and ours is Foodora. We also have a really nice and much more formal! We also have special bags in our kitchen for compost biowhich we put into a special bin behind our house.

Believe me, it is! Turkish restaurant just around the corner from our home, Taverna Yol. Architecture — Sure, Chicago has big shiny glass and steel buildings everywhere, but I really do appreciate living somewhere that is so old and has so much history.

Some things i love about living in germany

They even make a nice sharp cheddar, which is a small miracle since cheddar is next-to-impossible to find here. I see a lot of negative expat blogs myself, which is exactly why it was important to me to highlight all of the things I love about this place!

All of these things have helped me create a meaningful social life, and my life is richer because I have friends from all over the world — people just like me who left their home and moved here. We have been known to make day trips just across the French border to gather supplies bread, wine, cheese, foie gras.

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I always associated them with hippies or people who wear socks and sandals. Schnitzel in Leichtenstein. Recycling — Before moving to Germany, I recycled a bottle or can every once in a while. Mezzo Mix — I went to a wedding just after arrriving in Stuttgart and noticed some people at our dinner table mixing Fanta and Coke in the same glass.

You are commenting using your Twitter. Finally, the milk. Dining Al Fresco — I love eating outside — at a restaurant, on a picnic, whatever — and Europeans know how to do this right. As we begin a new year and I celebrate 1. SO many restaurants have outdoor seating. Birkenstock — I never thought I would fall in love with Birkenstocks. Schnitzel at Wolfgangsee, Austria.

Here is my cat Cheeto wearing the Downtown Snood:. Tafelspitz in Austria. This has a question mark because I have yet to see Eurovision! As a food lover you might also know Ritter Sport?

We have yellow bags gelber sack for all plastic, aluminum, styrofoam, etc. Pretzels are serious business here. We put all of our paper and cardboard in a special bin behind our house. The sandwich is a warm pita filled with spit-roasted meat and loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, cabbage, red chili flakes, and a garlic-yogurt sauce. Notify me of new comments via .

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I think most people — definitely those of us in Germany! I really like reading your blog and will definitely come back! I am very keen to spend my summer in southern Germany as my boyfriend is from there…. You can mix it on your own or you can buy Mezzo Mix or other brand. The pfand applies to some plastic bottles gelber sack bad cannstatt well. Maultaschen at the Christimas Market.

I even see some people eating outside in the winter, when it seems too cold to be outside for any reason! Since we use it so sparingly, we buy country milk landmilch or whole milk vollmilch. The food itself is very tasty and healthy, and we have at least 10 recipes to choose from each week. Finally, I love nothing more than eating something that requires a lot of little side dishes, sauces, etc. We also have Deliveroobut Foodora is our go-to. Seafood Salad at Empore. I loved your post! Rote Wurst as Street Food. Notify me of new posts via.

Thank you, Kiki! Yes, Italy is indeed quite close, especially if you go to the north through Switzerland instead of through Austria, which would be closer to get to the Adriatic sea. Mineral Baths — Stuttgart has the second behind Budapest largest source of mineral water in Europe with 19 mineral springs providing 22 million liters of crystalline mineral water to the city each day.

Anschrift & erreichbarkeit

For even more food pictures not only German food, I promise! Homemade Dukatenschnitzel.

I also really enjoy a rote wurst red sausage when at a barbecue or street festival. Almost everyone speaks English — I really appreciate this and try not to take it for granted. I was a bit confused. They make it really easy to learn with the instructions included, and offer additional support on their website. You can pick one up at the gas station, while shopping at OBI Home Depotat the butcher, at the grocery store, just about anywhere. You are commenting using your Facebook. I found this company, based out of the UK, that sends you everything you need pattern, needles, yarn to complete one knitting project beanie, scarf, sweater, blanket, etc.

They also make a peach-passion fruit yogurt, which is equally as tasty. Tafelspitz at Metzgerei, Stuttgart West. Last year I went on an architectural walking tour of my neighborhood, Stuttgart West, with a group from InterNations.

City guide: stuttgart, germany

So much fun!! Tafelspitz is just that kind of dish. Milka — I will take a Milka chocolate bar over Hershey any day of the week. Vitello tonnato or veal tuna is very thin slices of veal topped with a tuna-mayonnaise sauce. From here in Stuttgart, we can go to Strasbourg or Colmar France in less than 2 hours by car and to Paris in 3 hours by train.

Markthalle — a view from above.

I have nightmares about visiting the U. We do most of our grocery shopping at natural and organic supermarkets so perhaps that has something to do with it, but the dairy products here certainly beat out Whole Foods any day of the week.

And while technically Hungarian, we also eat a lot of gulasch here. Like Liked by 1 person. I mean, you can buy body wash that smells like rainbows, starlets, and little clouds! And they make WAY more than just the gummy bear — they make just about every shape and flavor of gummy candy you can imagine. Marley Spoon — My husband and I love to cook and Marley Spoon has made meal prep and cooking a breeze over the last several months. I learned about this wildly popular competition by reading Living in Stuttgart — thanks, Mel! Yes, they come from here!

The gw expat blog

You are commenting using your WordPress. Many Germans visit a bakery at least once a day to pick up their daily pretzel. Maultauschen at Kleinigkeit. Boy, was I wrong! I love to see that you like so many things here! Like Like. Back home I never bought the store brand, but this is different. They also make a nice house shoe — I wear them when I need to run to the mailbox, do something on the balcony, take out the recycling.