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Gay markt bremen

Gay Group Cruises.

Gay Markt Bremen

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Experience the two biggest and best-known parties of the year in a single trip as we cruise in style from one of our favorite European cities to the other. Book today and choose a payment plan that fits your budget!

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Bar,TV room, cinema, steam room, 2 saunas, plunge pool, rooms available and some overnight. Darkroom in basement with porno films. Freitag "Kultureller - Abend". This recently opened large sauna boasts miniature lights in the roof fed by fibre-optics that change colour in waves. Truly a camp experience! If you want real Berlin atmosphere, this is the place. Many people fool around than sit at the bar and chat for a long while around 2 pm.

From 23rd november to 23rd december

The Morizz has got a selected audience, sometimes even VIPs drop by. Big facility with steam room, sauna, TV room, garden. Etage Jeden 3. Cruise 10 Go in the late afternoon for married guys getting off before heading home. I had one big problem though I would advise on weekends getting there around noon. Freitag "On - Tour", 3. Bars Bei Udo vor St. Some admirers can also be found there.

On Saturday from 1. Admittedly, they're not all very big, but add this to probably one of the most busy saunas in Europe and it's an attraction which you can't miss. Teddy Treff Mainzer Strasse 57, 10 minutes from St. Johanner Markt Opens at 9pm but very quiet until 11pm. On the next floor is a labyrinth of cubicles for "resting" and a large darkened "relaxation" room for public "displays of affection".

Flame-effect lights on the wall give off a low yellow light than disguises your pallid white winter skin and a "waterfall" of green light hides speakers for the jungle bird song and waterfall sound effects. Very near Vulcano Sauna.

Go before 5. I won't wait 10 years this time to go back. Now unified, the wall that used to divide the city has led to the development of two Gay "centres". Best time to look there is from the opening time till about 8 PM. It is between two train stations.

They are in all size and shapes. Can get very busy and smokey at weekends.

The large terrace is very pleasant in good weather. Report Feb "I was there last Thursday night: only few people 3 silverfoxes2 finish saunas, 1 steam1 bio.

Germany gay saunas & cruising

Upstairs is a large bar and seating area where you can get alcoholic drinks and snacks. The drinks are recommendable, the meals Thai-cooking are good. Although on the weekday when I visited, the place was nearly empty - Pewit. From 12pm Petit Fleur Kronenstrasse 10, near St. Bar snacks available.

They offer "nibbles" at the bar for patrons a "happy hour" from 6. Ring the doorbell to obtain entry. Freiburg Rosa Hilfe Freiburg e. Therefore a bit of a walk. Mathildensauna open till 1.

Christmas market in bremen

Manfred: Essen Saunas St. It also boast a largely mature clientele and their admirers of all shapes and sizes - although someone seemed to have hidden all the razors as few are clean shaven. Got there around pm and could only stay for an hour or so, but in that hour I had more fun than I ever dreamed of. It is great to have this place open again. Definitely the place for older guys in the Mannheim area - although it it's not in the city centre it is located just off the autobahn East of the city. One of the oldest saunas in Berlin, a little dirty and "used" but best place to go to have fun Gate Sauna Wilhelmstr.

I was there only once during sunday evening. Was there on a week day mid afternoon and there were perhaps 5 people altogether in the place. Also has bar which is available without visiting the sauna. Then they spring back into action. It looks very nice and they have added an outdoor space to the place. Freitag "Kulinarische Freuden", 4. The later the less older guys. Not many older guys though. Johanner Markt Rustic bar and cafe that attracts an older crowd. Meet at the Hauptbahnhof. Quite a few older gents but gay markt bremen many admirers when I visited early on a weekday evening.

If you want real Berlin atmosphere, this is the place Bear Fuggerstr. Sun 6pm onwards.

Berlin pride to amsterdam pride cruise

One of the oldest and most traditional bars in Berlin with a very mixed crowd. Best days Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Taxi recommended. It is quite active for afternoon coffee and even week day nights are now crowded. There was a real void when it closed several months ago and the new staff is so much better than what one was exposed to in the past. Tel: Very nice bar and small disco which reportedly is full of older guys on Fridays and weekends Quiet during weekdays.

Very small neighbourhood bar. Print and TV commercials featuring mature gay men. A of regulars some here to meet their friends although there is some cruising.

This place on the weekends is even better than Sauna Bruch in Barcelona. Steam room, sauna, TV room, cabins with porno video, Video Room, A few older guys some very good looking! Report Feb "I've been there a couple of times: not many silverfoxes : but friends told me that there a quite some during daytime otherwise this is the nicest sauna I know. The manager of the pub is a very nice silverfox himself. Quiet weekdays. All gay cruises and gay cruise groups. Changing facilities are on the ground floor and In the basement are showers, a cruisy steam-room, shower room, a large Jacuzzi and two saunas - including the one mentioned above which is built in a new extension at the back of the building.

In the afternoon and more on weekdays, there's a of older guys in it. Postfach 10 17 11, D Mannheim Tel. Mixed ages, snacks. About 20 men, looked like they knew each other. Hot meals until midnight New name but the venue is not. Mostly older guys and a few younger but not very busy. Fact and gay markt bremen for gay seniors and admirers. Federation of all groups for older gay men in the NRW area. Cafe Cafe Spund Mohlenhofstr. Mixed clientelle at least during weekdays. But worth the ravelling.

Organisations Gay and Grey Gruppenabende immer Freitags ab Bitte nur abends versuchen. Open 5pm-3am Mon-Fri, Sun; 8pm-3am Sat. This eccentric musically-themed pub serves as a cosy living-room for the older local population. It's a little bit shabby, but the place with the biggest chance to find an older guy.