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Facesitting board

Extreme Board. Female Domination Video, Misstresses wants to punish men [Update]. Today PM by klomer.

Facesitting Board

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Without hesitation Cynara gets Arianne face down on the mats and applies a hecissor that Arianne could not get out of.

About video: Sarah and Arianne go head to head in this kick ass clip. She begins to shake them in her face and Maxxi commands Bella to kiss them. Sarah was now out to hurt, and arouse Arianne at the same time.

About video: Maxxi can be a little possessive of certain girls, well mostly Bella. With another hand over mouth throat ch0ke, Maxxi turns Bella face down on the mats again, slapping her ass hard where she bit her, and snapping her bra straps. Maxxi turns to Bella and grabs her throwing her facesitting board the mats. All of a sudden Bella went limp, stepping off her Megan lifts her arms up, lets them go and they fall to the mats.

Megan then tries to open her eyelids to check, and Bella did not move nor respond.

With lo more facesitting, and even trapping Bella in a full weight facesit locking her arms in the heel of her boots Bella was frustrated. While they continue to struggle, Kristie finally gets herself free, and now has to act quickly. Pinning her down, Mariella struggles to keep Wenona pinned as she uses her legs to distract Mariella.

Arianne squirmed to break free and you can see and hear the pain in her face from this. When she watched a video on the site with Bella and another girl, she had to arrange a match again with Bella, this time so she can mark her territory and out of sheer jealousy. Bella makes on last futile attempt at breaking free, dominates Kristie locking on her hardest scissors. With that, Wenona slipped out from under her, and turns the tables on her now. Arianne says stop touching me, but you can clearly see she enjoying it a little too much. After she was done biting her ass, she slaps it and rolls Bella onto her back.

Before Bella even knew what was coming, Megan grabs Bella by the throat and slams facesitting board to the mats in a chokeslam. Something you do not see everyday. Maxxi came out dressed in an extremely sexy black lace g-string, garter, and nylons, with a leather top, she was smoking hot.

When they lock up both hit the mats with Arianne trying to secure a headlock on Sarah while she is on top.

Although at the start Mariella does get the upper hand pinning and facesitting Wenona. Bella now feels the crushing leg power and fear sets in on her face. An argument ensued and Cynara called Arianne a bitch.

Sarah goes back and fourth from hecissors to forward and reverse facesits, all the while feeling up Arianne. Sarah certainly knows how to dominate a woman, as she pours on the pain, and pleasure to Arianne simultaneously. Lifting one leg up she still keeps Mariella pinned down as she sits dominantly on top. Bella being small and feisty, was not worried at all, until Megan stepped out onto the mats, towering facesitting board Bella.

Bella is trapped for some time in this, and Kristie lets go, Bella jumping on her opportunity to get Kristie again. The action breaks apart, then Kristie catches Bella in facesitting board rear naked choke, trash talking her, then clamping on a knotted figure four scissor. With lo more hecissors, and facesitting, we wonder just how far Sarah will go with her new found little sex toy. What an upset for Bella, being dominated in such a fashion. Sarah snaps on hecissors and squeezes rather hard forcing Arianne to tap quite a bit.

The slaps and snaps echoed throughout the room.

Bella is keeping up with Kristie, and has her in a fig four scissor herself, making Kristie wince in facesitting board now. Mariella is quite skilled, but finds out that she may just get out wrestled in this clip. She has some tough scissors and Mariella feels the true power of them as she is trapped between her thighs. Making one last attempt, Mariella gets back on top, and tries to make Wenona pay the price. Now Bella and the camera guy had no idea what was about to transpire.

Maxxi was really getting off sexually punishing Bella. Then Wenona reverses it, escaping and putting a painful bodyscissor on Mariella.

That backfired as Cynara latches on to her and bring her to the mats, trapping her in a bodyscissor. Wenona uses intricate holds and positions on Mariella, and she seems to struggle to be able to free herself.

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Maxxi licks her ear in a gracefully sexual way, then bites down on it, as Bella shrieks in pain. Kristie is bigger and weighs more than Bella, but Bella was destined to take out Kristie. As she slowly applies the pressure Arianne squeals in pain trying to break free, and one point chokes and almost goes out. Side saddle facesitting, full weight, and more reverse, Bella was exhausted. With another painful hecissor, Sarah moves back into the facesit position. Bella locks it on, and tightens facesitting board into a facesitting board four, really making Kristie squirm to break free.

This totally caught Bella off guard, a she lays stunned on the mats, Megan climbing on top pinning Bella down in a schoolgirl pin. Bella was not enjoying her torment at all, but seemingly there was nothing she could do but be humiliated by Megan. Arianne wiggles violently hoping to pry her legs apart. Maxxi jumps off and rolls Bella onto her stomach, she starts caressing her body up and down and slaps her ass. In fact, we think there was some sort of sexual attraction there, and Sarah seemed to pick up on it rather quickly.

Kristie is actually blown away when they begin and Bella traps Kristie in a forward hecissor. Maxxi dishes out a few more sexy facesits, then a throat ch0ke and hand over mouth combo, before dropping right back into another facesit. Kristie picks up her arm, and it falls limp on the mats, she now sits up in reverse, flexing and gloating her much deserved victory, leaving her younger opponent lifeless on the mats.

Arianne is tough, but had a much more submissive demeanor facing off against Sarah.

The banter teasing and insults go back and fourth as Cynara continually captures Arianne in facesits, hecissors and more. But she makes one last good comeback, even though she is winded from the suffering she endured. About video: Bella was in for a rude awakening in this clip.

Kristie was certainly not going to lose to her much younger rival and fights her way out. This is an EPIC show of domination from a superbly smoking hot playboy model who clearly shows her darkside, and emits her sexuality and dominance over another female.

Maxxi then pulls out what looked to be a marker, but it was actually a black eye liner pencil. Maxxi gets off Bella, then leans down gives her a kiss and walks away, having marked her territory now once and for all. Well that set her off and Arianne jumps up to attack Cynara. About video: Arianne and Cynara were working out on the mats and Cynara was getting agitated waiting for Arianne to finish. That moment was short lived for Bella, Kristie escapes applying a leg lock, and grabbing Bella under the chin pulling up on it.

Bella begins to tap but Maxxi either ignores the taps, or lifts up ever so slightly then slams right back down. Easily complying Bella kisses both her tits numerous times. About video: Kristie Etzold was faced with a much younger opponent today, Bella. After punishing her with that, Facesitting board moves up above her head, and rolls her into a scissor. Megan wearing her extremely high heeled boots, and dominatrix style outfit, she outweighs little Bella by almost 70lbs. Sarah strikes a muscle flex pose, biting her bottom lip, knowing all too well Arianne enjoyed that face ride into dreamland.

Facesitting board interviewed both Bella and Megan separately as they have never met before.

Bella was whimpering uncontrollably now, trembling in fear, as Maxxi readies her fancy writing tool. Kristie switches back to her scissors punishing and dominating Bella with ease. Sitting up beside her now, she grabs Bella by the throat, and turns her attention to her other ear now.

That was a mistake as Wenona switches to a figure four, and slowly squeezes Mariella until he actually puts her out. She rolls Bella onto her back, and stands above her placing her foot over her mouth and nose, foot smothering her now.

The finisher is a piledriver that sends one girl crashing to the mats and finishes the match. Maxxi keeps the facesit on, telling Bella to relax her face as she begins drawing the word on her forehead.

Kristie pours on the pressure, making Bella tap alot, shifting herself around all the while keeping Bella trapped in her vice like scissor. Wenona also punishes Mariella with forward and reverse facesits. We have never seen her this submissive before as Sarah completely takes full control over her sexually teasing and dominating her, facesitting her and rubbing her tits. Once finished that, Maxxi goes right back to facesitting, this time it was more intense. Bella was actually tearing up and ready to cry.