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Club culture house berlin

When the coronavirus first appeared in Berlin, its spread was hastened through revellers at most of the city's famous night clubs, which were the first to be shut down.

Club Culture House Berlin

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Berlin, Germany As the clock rounded midnight on a cool fall evening in Berlin, hundreds of prospective clubgoers lined up along a sidewalk dressed in the typical circus-casual attire suitable for a night of roaming the techno labyrinth inside Wilden Renatea cavernous club in the Friedrichshain district.

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Molly-Mae, influencer culture, and the myth that hard work reaps rewards.

Music clubs are cultural institutions that shape the identity of city districts as an integral part of cultural and economic life. Horny d, armed raids, and a coup: the wild story of phone sex in the 90s.

Liara Roux on her confessional, capitalism-skewering book Whore of New York. Despite this, over the last 10 years, approximately clubs have closed in Berlin alone, with the figure now likely higher thanks to the pandemic.

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Is berlin's club culture dying?

This is an extraordinary decision and hopefully this example sets a worldwide precedent. The decision will make clubs and music venues less vulnerable to urban development, investors, and gentrification.

Clubbing is not only about frivolities. Partying was, is, and will always be political.

This helps to keep cities and neighbourhoods alive and liveable, and to protect cultural places from displacement. After a year-long campaign by activists, Germany has officially declared that clubs and live music venues will be recognised as cultural institutions.