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It comes down, quite simply, to this: when a dog walks into the room, the energy changes.

We created and administered therapy dog programs at healthcare facilities all over New York, the New York area, and a few other places across the country. Next Article. It will endure. His buddies figured it would be a good idea to bring the dog around to see him. The dogs were becoming a real part of the treatment process. A few minutes with a dog can make a big difference for them too. People will cross the street to see an Afghan Hound. It was just six months chat frei very strict guidelines, but after those six months, we were asked to expand all over the hospital.

When you have one, you run into a lot of people who want to talk about Afghan Hounds or introduce you to other Afghan Hound owners. Years before he ever picked up a microphone, David helped pioneer the field of animal-assisted therapy with his organization Angel on a Leash.

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They may already have connections with therapy organizations. Getting formally involved in animal therapy programs can go a couple of ways. People smile, their blood pressure goes down, they get the chance to think about something other than challenges that they may be facing in their lives.

DF: First, make sure to start socializing your dog as soon as possible. She was gone within three weeks, but the dog stayed! An Afghan Hound is a sort of unusual breed. By the late 50s and early 60s, dogs were making visits to extended care and nursing homes.

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They were looking for someone to co-host their broadcast of their show on USA Network and brought me in to do an audition tape. That turned into moving to New York, hosting Westminster on television for 27 years, and working as chat frei PR guy as well. That helped start the spread of organizations like the Delta Society — which is now called Pet Partners. My dad was a football coach and I tell people that I thought my career path would be lined with AstroTurf.

Some dogs take more dedication than others and the handler has to play a really important role in giving cues. DF: Absolutely, because it was going strong. So we did and it grew very quickly — so much so that we decided it should become an independent charity.


It started with bedside visits and then we got involved with all sorts of physical and occupational therapy. Though these therapy programs were novel a few decades ago, the physical and mental benefits of animal companionship are widely recognized today. David Frei poses with a furry friend. Bennett Glace January 13, Popular Posts.

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As it turns out, the commanding officer of the field hospital was a guy named Colonel Charles Mayo — of the famous Mayo Clinic. A lot of people think that their dogs chat frei go all day. I spoke to David about the origins of animal-assisted therapy, his own work with animals, and the ways a pandemic has affected animal therapy programs. He was a photographer on a recon mission and somebody in his company had found a Yorkshire Terrier of all things wandering around in the jungles of Borneo. David Frei: I think everybody inherently understands that when you interact with a dog or your pet that it makes you feel better.

This was in and I thought hosting the show would be fun for a few years. A therapy dog on duty.

When it was over, they liked it, I liked it, and they asked me to do their show. When I was 19 or 20, I moved into my first house in Eugene, Oregon. Any breed can make a good therapy dog, any mixed-breed dog can make a good therapy dog.

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At one point, Bill came down with a fever and ended up in the hospital over there. They brought the dog back and sold it to Bill for ten dollars.

At this point, my dogs are mostly helping me out in these times. They knew me as the dog show TV host and reached out for help with their awards program. My girlfriend at the time suggested that we get a dog, so we did some research and settled on an Afghan Hound. DF: There are some dogs that are inherently suited to it because of their breed and temperament, but, in general, I think that great therapy dogs are born, not made.

DF: Many organizations have a training process that involves shadowing other dogs and chat frei handlers on the job. Then we moved to New York and got involved with hospitals there. We never had a dog in my family growing up. Article. And pretty soon, the science started to back it up. So they started bringing the dog, walking him around the hospital, and letting him interact with Bill and the other patients there.

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I started going to dog shows and married into a level of involvement competitively. DF: In-person visits are difficult. That led to me traveling to shows all over and we had, by the time she retired, the top female Afghan Hound in the history of the breed. The other way to get involved is to talk with a veterinarian, groomer, kennel owner, anybody who works closely with dogs.