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Bewertung Babbel

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Welche Erfahrungen haben Kunden mit Babbel. Mit babbel habe ich meine Sprachkenntnisse eindeutig verbessert. Ich habe erst einmal begonnen mit der kostenlosen Version, die meines Erachtens schon echt gut gewesen ist.

Name: Megan
Alter: Ich bin 27 Jahre alt

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Babbel Lesson Nine. I had sent in my essay a few days earlier to give them enough time to review it.

A few days after my application I received an invitation to pick a time slot of 30 minutes for a Skype interview. Erwartbarkeit des Prozesses.

Sterne anzeigen Teilen. Berlin, DE. Dezember Most unprofessional interview ever.

When the interview finally started the guy interviewing me seemed in a hurry right from the beginning. After making me wait for another five minutes he came back:"Sorry about that. After almost twenty minutes I was about to send an e-mail to the lady I had ly been in contact with when finally I received an invitation and a message from the recruiter that it would take a few more minutes.

I was also asked to write an essay of about two s on a given topic, which we would talk about in the interview. Obviously he hadn't even read the essay. Five minutes early I started Skype and waited.

Zufriedenstellende Antworten. Ihr Unternehmen?

So far everything was fine, communication with the woman who sent the invitation went smoothly and was friendly. Where were we? The guy then told me a colleague was going to mark my essay and would get back to me. Who would have thought.

Most unprofessional interview ever

Zeitgerechte Zu- oder Absage. To each of my sentences he responded with a monotonous:"Interesting. Schnelle Antwort.

I tried, however, to explain to him what my actual work experience was. By this time I was starting to wonder why they hadn't just sent me a questionnaire instead of making this unprepared and apparently unqualified person spend his scarce time doing something he hates so much.

#1 rosettastone – perfekt für intuitive lerner!

Als Arbeitgeber kommentieren. So when the interview seemed to be nearing its end I dared to ask when this would happen.

I at least wanted to talk about my essay though. By the way: I never did receive feedback on my essay. Then the day of the interview came. Zufriedenstellende Reaktion.